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True for Heart: The true embodiment of eternal life

When you base your actions on dreams and kindness, there are no limits!

True for Heart hopes to discover the world in its most genuine form and keep it real. With this aspiration, we founded D+ Culture and Creative Goods, WOWime Art Gallery, and WOWime Academy. D+ Culture and Creative Goods proudly displays the vision of China’s new generation through its cultural designs, WOWime Art Gallery presents the interaction between Chinese culture and the world, and WOWime Academy works to pass on the genuineness of the heart.

Culture is way of life. It is who we are, not what we wear. It is a flowing out of our being, manifested to others. Be yourself, be here, now. Understand what made you, and forget not your origin, so that you can be real. China boasts thousands of years of culture. Its cultural and spiritual uniqueness is accumulated and passed down by generations, and is now to be given a new look by this new generation.

We need to trace the origin of our culture. Our being does not alter with the change of an era or government. This is because we know our roots and absorb sustenance from them. The heroism, morality, benevolence, comradeship, and doctrines of Chinese culture are deeply rooted in us. To live is to be true to yourself, to be in the now and yet not forget your culture.

Be true to yourself. Be who you are.

True for Heart was founded in Shanghai, China, where the Yellow River and the Yangtze River have nurtured China’s abundant culture. Taiwan, on the other hand, has its unique position in history. It is a lively little island that preserves a great deal of Chinese culture and also the place where Be Myself Inc. was established.

Be aware of our roots. Be true to ourselves. Be Myself Inc. and True for Heart will now work hand-in-hand to pass on China’s profound culture.