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Be yourself, become yourself, and make the most of the world. - Be Myself Inc.

By focusing on being ourselves, we can create a livable space and a quality lifestyle, leading to the recreation of a more spirited culture and the embodiment of this culture in the products we use daily.


Our Philosophy - Be True

We promote a culture of staying true to our emotions and of bringing creative products into the world. Only when we’re true to ourselves and others are we really living life to the fullest. This philosophy is the embodiment of a new generation of Chinese culture and lifestyle.
True For Heart.
Our Aim

The true embodiment of eternal life

Life is eternal. All the trivial little things in this world form a stream of emotions that shape us and our lives. This is the world we live in, the real world. So, the real world, with its direct, honest, and genuine concepts, designs every detail, faithfully reflecting the culture, and ensuring the continuation and creation of a beautiful and true existence.
Be Myself.
Our Team

Be Myself

Every team member is an individual, so we want each and every one to be true to themselves and find their niche. Only then can they face themselves, face the world, and face the future. At True for Heart, we have a flexible organizational structure and approach to work. Team members are assigned tasks according to their expertise and areas of interest. Task assignment is project based and members are expected to help one another, collectively working to achieve mutual goals.
Sophisticated, simple, and elegant
Company Product

Merchandise - Be One

We combine harmony and simplicity in everyday items. By considering practicality and the environment in which the item will be used, we design products that will fit seamlessly into your life.
Our service
Be original, be adventurous, and think ahead

We provide branding, design, and marketing services that help real people meet real needs by identifying and solving problems.And actively seeking international brands with design aesthetics similar to ours to collaborate on projects, event planning, and marketing promotions.

Our Brands WOWime Art Gallery- a showroom for arts and lifestyle.  D+ Culture and Creative Goods- designs and produces customized items and goods.  WOWime Academy- offers a variety of hands-on courses that combine art and lifestyle.
Design and Marketing Branding and Design/Logo Design/Business cards/other Copywriting/Media Content/Product Design/Catalogs and Flyers Brand and Product Marketing/Integrated Marketing
Brand Agent and Media Content Authorization Brand Crossover Cooperation/Design Strategies/Exhibitions and Events Media Content Authorization/Service Integration/Promotions